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Driverless cars will be driven on Australian roads for the first time

Look out SA drivers. You’ll be joined on the road from November by computerised vehicular drones. Its an initiative led by the Australian Road Research Board ( ARRB) and in partnership with the automotive industry, will collect data on local driving conditions. It will be the first of many national trials.  The ARRB group President said:

Driverless cars have a range of benefits that could significantly improve road safety and the quality of life of everyday Australians, add to the nation’s economic competitiveness and help relieve rapidly growing congestion that is crippling our infrastructure and creating productivity deficits in our capital cities.

// Driverless cars? whatever…Australia’s had self driving trucks for years

Image: Norbert Aepli, Switzerland [CC BY 3.0 ], via Wikimedia Commons


Smart house vs dumb drone

As houses become “smarter”, in that it becomes a more contextually aware environment in response to your living needs, it begins to rely on the network/internet. This means that these systems are vulnerable to hacking. A radio manipulator using off the shelf parts, attached to a store bought drone, can evade normal sensor detection to get close enough to brick your home.

Image: Flickr – Elektrojänis

U.S. Drone Fleet at ‘Breaking Point,’ Air Force Says

The U.S. Air Force’s fleet of drones is being strained to the “breaking point,” according to senior military officials. And it’s happening right when the unmanned aircraft are most needed to fight ISIS.

The Daily Beast has acquired an internal memo where Air Combat Command (ACC) General “is concerned” that the combat capability of the “MQ-1/9 enterprise” will be unable to commit to the increasing demand. Read on

Source: The Daily Beast




Filmed with a drone: Hong Kong Fireworks

Drone racing POV

Definitely has that Return of the Jedi – Endor moon vibe

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