A new Pew Center research study titled “Teens, Technology, and Romantic Relationships” confirms that teens evolve any communication tool toward connecting with the opposite sex. I remember the days when the public phone booth allowed the best avenue for non-parental communication. The kids have it good these days.

One interesting comment from a high school girl:

I can be a little bit more bold over text, because you wouldn’t say certain things in person. You would … you just wouldn’t say certain things in, like, talking face to face with them because that might be kind of awkward. But over text, it’s like, OK. Cause they’re not really there.

Because they’re not really there. An interesting issue of the digital environment, the idea of identity. There could be questions of whether the person you are interacting with is real, is being ‘who they are’. This is why the larger social networks flourish, they can provide that legitimacy, creating authority data about you, what you like. Your ‘friends’ help in this regard by liking, or atleast interacting with your content. Digitally rounding you out.

Teens consider social media useful in that it allows a common way to show your support of the relationships of others. Was there ever an “analogue” parallel of this?

Image: PewInternet.org

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