Living longer is one of the ancient human endeavours. Generally in the modern era this has translated to “looking” younger for as long as possible with a combination of washes and creams grey goop. Now you might be able to trigger a longer lasting and healthier life through an inexpensive pill.

Currently the FDA is currently recruiting participants for a clinical trial for the drug Metformin. It is already an approved Diabetes (Type 2) drug, but has been tested and seen to decrease the effects of ageing in fruitflies and nematode worm. So researchers are interested in the metabolic and possible cellular effects in humans.

Interestingly, “ageing” has never been seen as a proper target for drug development but as co-morbidities increase with age, being able to slow down the ageing process at a metabolic level may affect the prevalence of those diseases such as cancer and dementia. More studies are obviously needed but this trial is a first.

The Singularity Hub has more on this.


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